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Articles & Speaking Engagements


Has contributed articles to:

  • The Tax Executive

    • Sourcing Income from Stock and Corporate Debt: A Current Perspective

  • Institute for Professionals in Taxation

    • State Income Tax Sourcing of 338(h)(10) Transactions

  • CCH State Tax Review

    • Income Tax Nexus: Are Physical Contact Required? Geoffrey, Inc., Sets the Stage 

    • High Court Hears Oral Arguments Regarding Constitutionality of California's Proposition 13

    • High Court Hears Oral Arguments in Allied-Signal and Restores it to Calendar for Reargument

    • Direct Seller Tax Collection: Potential "Hot Potato" created by U. S. Supreme Court's Quill Decision?

    • State Taxation of Dividends - Constitutional Limitations: Kraft, Allied-Signal, and the Issue of Factor Representation

    • High Court Hears Quill and Wrigley Oral Arguments

    • Analyzing State Income Tax Consequences of an I.R.C. Section 338(H)(10) Election

  • State Tax Notes

  • Deloitte & Touche Review Tax Alert

    • Discriminatory state taxation of foreign dividends disallowed

    • U.S. Supreme Court Hears Oral Arguments in Allied-Signal and Orders Reargument

    • Deloitte & Touche Cable Television Sales & Use Taxation Newsletter

  • National Retail Federation

    • Interstate Retailers vs Tax Collection Requirements: An Update 

Speaking Engagements

Has been a speaker for:

  • Tax Executives Institute

  • Committee on State Taxation

  • Paul Hartman Forum

  • Interstate Tax Report

  • Institute of Management Accountants

  • Tax Update Conferences

  • Georgia Society of CPAs

  • New York Society of CPAs

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